Australian Sales



➡️ ABBAMANIA in Australia 1975-76 which saw six consecutive #1 singles: I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do, Mamma Mia, SOS, Fernando, Dancing Queen, Money Money Money

➡️ Huge album sales 1975-77. Best Of for example sold over a million in a country with 14 million people at the time.

➡️ After Australian Tour and filming of The Movie a backlash. 1977-81, singles made Top 10 and albums made Top 5. No more Number Ones during ABBA's original career.

➡️ 1981-82: Five singles failed to make Top 40 and The Visitors album never got to the Top 20.

➡️ Revival with Gold Greatest Hits which made #1 and sold over a million copies.

1. Gold Greatest Hits1,190,000PLATINUM x17
2. Best Of1,100,000Gold x20
3, Arrival 925,000Gold x 21
4. ABBA 610,000Gold x 11
5. 18 Hits 280,000PLATINUM x4
6. Ring Ring142,000Gold x3 
7. The Definitive Collection
140, 000PLATINUM x2
8. Waterloo112,000Gold x2
9. The Album100,000 - estimate
10. The Gold Collection 70,000PLATINUM
11 Gold/More Gold 70,000PLATINUM
12 Super Trouper  60,000 - estimatePLATINUM
13 Viulez Vous  40,000 - estimateGOLD
14. Voyage  35,000GOLD
15 The  ABBA Collection  35,000 GOLD
16 Magic of ABBA   35,000GOLD
16 The Singles - the first ten years  20,000GOLD
17 Greatest Hits volume two  20,000 - estimate


Best Selling Albums in Australia

ABBA in Australia in Billboard Magazine

ABBA Gold + Abba Gold/More Gold 

18 Hits

The Gold Collection

The ABBA Collection

The Definitive Collection


Certifications 1975-76

NB: Up to 1977 certificatiions were based on Value not Sales. That explains why Arrival has more certifications than Best Of. From 1977 to 1982 the certifications were based on units. Singles: 50,000 Gold. 100,000 platinum. Albums 20,000 Gold, 50,000 platinum. Since 1984 Gold 35,000, Platinum 70,000 for both Singles and Albums. I can't find any certification for The Album - it must have been overlooked. It would have sold more than Voulez Vous or Super Trouper.

Note:  I have not added the twin set Gold and More Gold to the totals for Gold.

1. Fernando gold x24 

2. Dancing Queen goldx20 

3. Money Money Money goldx13 

4. I Do I Do I Do - gold x10 

5. Mamma Mia - goldx9 

6. SOS goldx5 

ABBA in Australia