ABBA "GOLD" Sales.




 Country Sales (Certifications)

Argentina210,000platinum x31994ACP
Australia1,190,000platinum x142014ARIA
Austria150,000platinum x31999IFPI
Belgium350,000platinum x72014Ultrapop
Chile60,000platinum x31999
Denmark560,000platinum x72011
Finland145,000platinum x31999
Germany2,500,000platinum x52009Musikindustrie
Hong Kong120,000platinum x61999
Ireland90,000platinum x61999
Italy470,000gx4 (1999) p (2020)1999/2020FIMI
Japan600,000platinum x32009RIAJ
Latvia32,000platinum x41998
Malaysia100,000platinum x41999
New Zealand240,000platinum x182008RIANZ
Norway100,000platinum x31999
Portugal80,000platinum x21999
Singapore165,000platinum x111999
South Africa50,000platinum1999
South Korea100,000platinum1999
Spain500,000platinum x52000Mediafire
Sweden500,000platinum x51999IFPI
Switzerland500,000platinum x102008IFPI
Taiwan350,000platinum x71999
UK6,000,000platinum x202021BPI
US6,000,000platinum x62002RIAA

References - Billboard (Gold - certifications from 1999)

Many countries no longer have public databases 

Media Traffic estimated sales of 28m in 2011.  Please note the number next to each symbol, confusingly, represents 2 million sales - so Gold x14 is 28m sales.

This article confirms 23 million album CERTIFIED Sales. It is one of the  World's best selling albums of All Time.

1. Thriller - Michael Jackson 50.2m

2. Greatest Hits - The Eagles 49.1m

3. Hotel California - the Eagles 31.5m

4. Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin 30.4m

5. Back in Black - ACDC 30.1m6. 

6. Come on Over - Shania Twain 29.9m

7.Rumours - Fleetwood Mac 29.3

8. The Bodyguard - Original Soundtrack 28.7m

9 21 - Adele 26.4m

10. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd 26.4m

11 Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morrisette 24.3m

12 1 - The Beatles 23.2m

13. Gold Greatest Hits - ABBA 23.0m



Estimated sales: 32,000,000  (physical/download - mainly physical). 36,000,000 plus including stream equivalent sales.

➡️An extra 5 million sales in US (inc stream equivalent sales). Pure Sales about 9.3 million. Stream equivalent brings up to 11 million. These figues based on Soundscan sales. To get a higher sales certification from the RIAA, Universal Music Group USA need to provide evidence (which is there) and apply. THEY HAVE FAILED TO UPDATE FOR 20 YEARS!!!!! It is the fault of UMG (USA) not the RIAA.

➡️ Pure Sales vs Streaming Split. Worldwide about 32m to 4m. In US 9.3. to 1.7m, in UK 1.65m to 0 5m. Obviously though sales up to 2012-15 (different countries introduced streaming "sales" different times) were physical with some downloads. Since then overwhelmingly 'stream equivalent sales'.

➡️France an extra 1 milliion sales

➡️ Canada an extra half a million sales

➡️ Sweden possibly an extra half a million sales.

➡️ Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain an extra million combined

➡️Many countries on list not certified since 1999 (or at least I have no records of more recent ones) 

➡️Plus countries not on list eg in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe. Sales would be small though.

➡️As you can see sales in the UK are updated regularly, not so in other countries.

➡️On these official but mainly outdated sales the UK and US sales are about half the global total. Even if updated sales are about 30 million those sales still represent 50% of the total - 9m in the US, 6m in the UK.

Why are the USA, Canada, France, Sweden, The Netherlands in particular so slow in updating sales? My estimates for Gold and indeed Abba Record Sales generally stand. But wouldn't it be nice if we got OFFICIAL and UP TO DATE sales? Pre- Gold Greatest Hits will realistically have to be estimate dominant. But not for Gold Greatest Hits  or albums since then. There is no excuse for the USA, Sweden or The Netherlands not to update. Lecture over.



UK sales - GOLD with end of year chart positions in final column

 * estimated sale for years 1992-95 inclusive

1992525,000 12
1993205,000 36
1994168,000 63
1995140,000 80
1996130,000 87
1997110,000 100
1998211,000 55
19991,253,000 4
2000367,000 41
2001107,000 148
200242,000 --
200395,000 193
2004377,000 47
2005160,000 118
200694,000 194
200792,000 166
2008410,000 19
2009249,000 54
2010151,000 90
201195,000 130
201281,000 140
201376,000 119
201470,000 103
201584,000 77
201688,000 72
201791,000 77
2018174,000 20
2019122,000  32

Downloads introduced 2005. Audio stream equivalent sales introduced 2015. 

For 2021. 178,000 sales breaks down: 46,000 physical sales, 6,000 digital sales, 126,000 streaming equivalent sales.

You can see from this the decline in sales. 2020s sales and Year End Chart position within the Top 20 would put it outside the Top 80 in the mid 90s.  A #19 Year End Chart position needed 410,000 sales in 2008 but only 135,000 in 2020.

175,000 sales is a #20 Year End Chart position in 2018 but #13 in 2021.

Sales were just that up to and including 2014. Streaming was used as well from 2015 onwards.

1999Mamma Mia! opens in London
200430th Anniversary CD/DVD
2008Mamma Mia! film released
2010Special CD/DVD released
2018Mamma Mia 2 released
2021Release of Voyage


First album to spend 1,000 weeks in UK Top 100


Comparison of "Gold" with other compilations. Official figures.


CountryGOLDGreatest HitsMore Gold


Greatest Hits - includes Best Of 

More Gold - Australia's figures are for Complete  Gold - a double album, GOLD and More Gold

From this I would project "Greatest Hits" to be on about 12m and More Gold on about 2.25m.