WaterlooUnited KingdomPLATINUMDigital/Streaming600,000
I Do I Do I DoAustraliaGOLD x 10Revenue
SOS AustraliaGOLD x 5Revenue
SOSJapanPLATINUMPhysical Sales250,000
SOSUnited KingdomGOLDDigital/Streaming400,000
Mamma MiaAustraliaGOLD x 9 Revenue
Mamma MiaDenmarkGOLDDigital/Streaming45,000
Mamma MiaGermanyGOLDDigital/Streaming250,000
Mamma MiaItalyGOLDDigital/Streaming50,000
Mamma MiaUnited KingdomSILVERPhysical Sales250,000
Mamma MiaUnited KingdomPLATINUMDigital/Streaming600,000
FernandoAustraliaGold x 24 Revenue
FernandoCanadaGOLDPhysical Sales100,000
FernandoFranceGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
FernandoGermanyGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
FernandoUnited KingdomGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Dancing QueenAustraliaGOLD x 20Revenue
Dancing QueenCanadaGOLDPhysical Sales100,000
Dancing QueenDenmarkPLATINUMDigital/Streaming90,000
Dancing QueenGermanyGOLDDigital/streaming250,000
Dancing QueenItalyPLATINUMDigital/Streaming100,000
Dancing QueenUnited Kingdom GOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Dancing QueenUnited KingdomPLATINUM x 2 Digital/Streaming1,200,000
Dancing QueenUnited States of AmericaGOLDPhysical1,000,000
Money Money MoneyAustraliaGOLD x 13Revenue
Money Money MoneyFranceGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Money Money MoneyUnited KingdomGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Knowing me Knowing YouCanadaGOLDPhysical Sales100,000
Knowing Me Knowing YouUnited KingdomGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
The Name of the GameUnited KingdomGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Take a Chance On MeCanadaGOLDPhysical Sales100,000
Take a Chance On MeDenmarkGOLDDigital/streaming 45,000
Take a Chance On MeUnited KingdomGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Take a Chance On MeUnited KingdomPLATINUMDigital/Streaming600,000
Take a Chance On MeUnited States of AmericaGOLDPhysical Sales1,000,000
Thank You For the MusicUnited KingdomSILVERDigital/Streaming200,000
Summer Night CityUnited KingdomSILVERPhysical Sales250,000
ChiquititaNetherlandsGOLDPhysical Sales100,000
ChiquititaNew ZealandGOLDPhysical Sales7,500
Chiquitita United KingdomGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Does Your Mother KnowUnited KingdomSILVERPhysical Sales250,000
Does Your Mother KnowUnited KingdomGOLDDigital/Streaming400,000
Angel Eyes/Voulez VousUnited KingdomSILVERPhysical Sales250,000
Voulez VousUnited KingdomGOLDDigital/Streaming400,000
Gimme Gimme GimmeDenmarkPLATINUMDigital/Streaming90,000
Gimme Gimme GimmeFranceGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Gimme Gimme GimmeGermanyGOLDDigital/Streaming250,000
Gimme Gimme GimmeItaly
Gimme Gimme GimmeNetherlandsGOLDPhysical Sales100,000
Gimme Gimme GimmePortugalGOLDDigital/Sales   5,000
Gimme Gimme GimmeUnited KingdomSILVERPhysical Sales250,000
Gimme Gimme GimmeUnited KingdomPLATINUMDigital/Streaming600,000
I Have a DreamNetherlandsGOLDPhysical Sales100,000
I Have a DreamUnited KingdomGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
The Winner Takes it AllDenmarkGOLDDigital/Download45,000
The Winner Takes it ALLGermanyGOLDDigital/download250,000
The Winner Takes it AllNetherlandsGOLDPhysical Sales100,000
The Winner Takes it AllItalyGOLDDigital/Streaming50,000
The Winner Takes it AllPortugalSILVERPhysical Sales25,000
The Winner Takes it AllUnited KingdomPLATINUMDigital/Streaming600,000
Super TrouperPortugalSILVERPhysical Sales25,000
Super Trouper United KingdomGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Lay All Your Love On MeUnited KingdomGOLDDigital/Streaming400,000
Lay All Your Love On MeDenmarkGOLDDigital/Streaming45,000
Happy New YearDenmarkGOLDDigital/Streaming45,000
One of UsUnited KingdomGOLDPhysical Sales500,000
Slipping Through My FingersUnited KingdomSILVERDigital/Streaming200,000
I Still Have Faith In YouSwedenPLATINUMStreaming
Don't Shut Me DownSwedenPLATINUMStreaming

Please Note

1. Sales awards are minimal levels eg UK Gold for sales 500,000 to 999,999.

2. Most countries did NOT have awards during ABBA's original career or introduced them during their career. The UK and France started in 1973 but Germany not until 1976, The Netherlands not until 1978 and Sweden not until 1987.

3. The Japanese for award for SOS is for a double A side with Chiquitita - released in the 2000s

4. Waterloo and The Winner Takes it All were eligible for physical sales awards but their then UK record company, Epic (CBS) did not apply for them.

5. ABBA's record time at the time, Atlantic Records could have re-applied to upgrade certifications when the sales levels were downgraded (the US was the only country to allow retrospective awards) but failed to do so. The current record company Universal Music (USA) has not applied for any song to be certified awards even though several are eligible.