ABBA UK Sales.


How many records have ABBA sold in the UK?


 ABBA Top 30 Albums - UK
1Gold-Greatest Hits6,000,000
2Greatest Hits2, 600,000
4Super Trouper1,300,000
5The Album ^1,250,000
6Greatest Hits Volume Two1,100,000
7Voulez Vous 850,000
8The Visitors 800,000
9The Singles 650,000
1018 Hits 512,000
11More Gold 420,000
12Voyage 400,000
13The Name of the Game  292,000
14The Definitive Collection  231,000
15The Music Still Goes On  230,000
16Hits 2  200,000
17ABBA 170,000
18Number Ones 169,300
19Hits 150,000
20Hits 3  150,000
21The Collection  120,000
22Thank You For the Music 100,000
23Absolute ABBA 100,000
24Waterloo 90,000
25The Albums 65,700
26Forever Gold 61,600
27Gold Deluxe Edition  (3CDs)60,000
28The Ultimate Collection 60,000
29 Classic ABBA 60,000
30Love Stories 51,000
31Ring Ring 40,000
32Thank You for the Music - Box set 24,600
33Live at Wembley  8,000
34The Essential Collection  7,000

The re-issue of Greatest Hits on 11,000  all by October 2015. The vinyl edition of Gold sold 2,000 in July 2017.

Total UK album sales at just over 20,000,000 (20,036,000)


3.^ The Album reported to have sold 1 million by 29/07/78 in Billboard Magazine. 

4. OCC figures

5. Estimates.

  NB -*  'budget' albums have to sell double to get a particular award. Example, a gold disc is for 100,000 but 200,000 for budget albums.



Studio album sales 1994 - 2015

Ring Ring 26,000

Waterloo 36,000

ABBA 15,000

Arrival 114,000

The Album 49,000

Voulez Vous 41,000

Super Trouper 107,000

The Visitors 73,000

In the same period, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours sold almost 2 million, The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper about a million and albums by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones in the hundred of thousands. ABBA's back catalogue sale for studio albums is quite modest.

In the week of 10th September 2021, after the ABBA comeback announcement, Voulez Vous and Arrival re-entered the Main Album chart. The Visitors re-entered the Sales chart.

ABBA Gold is the best selling CD ever in the UK


Best Selling CD Ever! - BBC Report

Best Selling CD ever!

First album to spend 1000 weeks in Top 100

Most Weeks in Top 40 -

1. GOLD - Greatest Hits - ABBA

2. Sound of Music - OST

3. South Pacific - OST

4. Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

5. Greatest Hits - Queen

Most Weeks in Top 100

1. GOLD Greatest Hits - ABBA

2. Legend - Bob Marley

3. Greatest Hits - Queen

4. Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

5. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

Source:  Here

"Gold" is the 2nd best seller of All Time in the UK and Greatest Hits is at #46. 

1. Greatest Hits - Queen

2. GOLD Greatest Hits - ABBA

3. Sergeant Pepper - The Beatles

3. 21 - Adele

5. What's the Story Morning Glory - Oasis

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BPI data base here

 Year End Charts 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978  1979 1980

Please note 1977 and 1980 are the only years where the Year End Chart is the full 52 weeks. The other Year End Charts have a cut off point up to 3 weeks earlier.

 ABBA UK Top 20

1Dancing Queen1,560,000GOLDPLATINUM x2
2Super Trouper982,000GOLD
3Knowing Me Knowing You976,000 GOLD
4Take a Chance on Me  885,000GOLD
5The Winner Takes it All  853,000
6Fernando  874,,000GOLD
7Mamma Mia  776,000SILVERPLATINUM
8The Name of the Game   GOLD
9Chiquita  GOLD
10Gimme Gimme Gimme SILVERPLATINUM
11Waterloo  681,000 
12I Have a Dream  600,000 +GOLD
13Angel Eyes/Voulez Vous '   SILVERSILVER
14Does Your Mother Know   SILVER
15 One of Us * GOLD
16Money Money Money *   500,000 +GOLD
17Lay All Your Love on Me 
18Summer Night City  SILVER
19SOS   400,000 +
20Thank You For The Music   250,000 +
21The Day Before You Came

22Don't Shut Me Down 100,000

23I Still Have Faith in You 70,000

The Top 20 are "Pure Sales" is physical and download. The sales though for Dancing Queen for some reason includes streaming equivalent sales.

Confusingly, the certifications for "Digital" awards are for downloads and streaming equivalent sales.


The Official Charts Company, 2021  

 BPI Database

Music Week

Please Note:

1. Waterloo and The Winner Takes it All not awarded physical gold or silver awards despite being eligible.

2. Songs cannot be awarded the same certification for both physical and digital (no idea why!)

3. Voulez Vous seems to be an exception perhaps because its physical sales with Angeleyes.

4. One of Us and Money Money Money both certified gold for 500,000 sales. But sales split over two years - and the Official Charts Company misses some of these.


Digital: Downloads since 2005.Auto-Certification introduced in 2013 when BPI Awards were automatic if based on actual sales  Audio stream equivalent for singles in 2014.  Audio album streams equivalent from 2015. Video stream equivalent since 2018.

Singles 1973 to 1989

Silver (250,000)

Gold (500,000)

Platinum (1,000,000)

Singles since 1989

Silver (200,000)

Gold (400,000)

Platinum (600,000)

Platinum x2 (1,200,000)


Platinum (300,000)

Gold (100,000)

Silver (60,000)

Album awards have NOT been downgraded.

Actually includes streaming equivalent sales.

Top 10 by format (estimates)

Dancing QueenDancing QueenDancing Queen
Knowing Me Knowing YouMamma MiaMamma Mia
Super TrouperThe Winner Takes it AllGimme Gimme Gimme
FernandoWaterlooThe Winner Takes it All
Take a Chance On MeGimme Gimme GimmeWaterloo
The Name of the GameDoes Your Mother KnowSuper Trouper
One of UsTake a Chance on MeLay All Your Love On Me
I Have a DreamThank You for the MusicSOS
ChiquiitaSlipping Through My FingersVoulez Vous
Money Money MpneyChiquititaThank You For the Music


ABBA have sold 11.3m singles in the UK (November 2012). 10.0m physical, 1.3m downloads. They are the 3rd most successful group for UK singles sales.


Dancing Queen is one of the best selling singles ever in the UK


Sales + Streams (2017)

Sales - Physical + Download (2020)

ABBA's 20 Top 10 UK Singles

The first 19 singles in era of sales only chart. In more recent years charts a mix of sales and streaming but dominated by streaming.

  • Waterloo,#1 1974
  • SOS, #6 1975
  • Mamma Mia, #1 1976
  • Fernando, #1 1976
  • Dancing Queen, #1 1976
  • Money Money Money, #3 1976
  • Knowing Me Knowing You, #1 1977
  • The Name of the Game, #1977
  • Take a Chance on Me, #1 1978
  • Summer Night City, #5 1978
  • Chiquitita, #2 1979
  • Does Your Mother Know, #4 1979
  • Angeleyes/Voulez Vous, #3 1979
  • Gimme Gimme Gimme, #3 1979
  • I Have a Dream, #2 1979
  • The Winner Takes it All, #1 1980
  • Super Trouper, #1 1980
  • Lay All Your Love on Me, #7 1981
  • One of Us, #3 1981
  • Don't Shut Me Down*, #9 2021

* #2 in sales only chart. I Still Have Faith in You #1 in sales only chart. 

ABBA's 10 Number One UK Albums

  • Greatest Hits, 1976
  • Arrival, 1977
  • The Album, 1978
  • Voulez Vous, 1979
  • Greatest Hits Volume 2, 1979
  • Super Trouper, 1980
  • The Visitors, 1981
  • The Singles the First Ten Years, 1982
  • Gold Greatest Hits, 1992, 1999, 2008
  • Voyage, 2021


How ABBA could have sold more singles in the UK.

1. The follow up to Waterloo was Ring Ring. However, at the same time a cover version of Honey Honey by Sweet Dreams, which was released at the same time, reached #10. ABBA's Honey Honey also was a Top 10 hit in several European countries.

2. Eagle, which had been ear-marked for single release, wasn't. It almost certainly would have been Top 5.

3. Lay All Your Love On Me was released in July 1981 - long after Super Trouper had left the album chart. Further it was 12 inch only. Had it been released on 7 inch and sooner sales would have been greater.

4. There was a massive downturn in ABBA's popularity in 1982. Yet if they had When All Is Said and Done and not Head Over Heels as a single it's possible this could have been a major hit.

Arguably, ABBA missed around a million sales with these tactical errors.

In addition to the above, the song "I Know Him So Well" written by Benny and Bjorn with lyricist Sir Tim Rice, was performed by Elaine Page and Barbra Dickson. It sold over 800,000 in 1985. It was the 2nd best seller of the year. Had Agnetha and Frida been on vocals and this had been an ABBA single, it may have been a million seller - giving ABBA their biggest UK hit! If only...