Best OfAustraliaGold x20Revenue
Best OfGermanyPlatinum500,000
Best OfNew ZealandPlatinum x24360,000

Greatest HitsCanadaPlatinum x5500,000
Greatest HitsFinlandPlatinum50,000
Greatest HitsGermanyGold250,000
Greatest HitsHong Kong Platinum20,000
Greatest HitsUnited KingdomPlatinum x82,400,000
Greatest HitsUnited States of America Platinum1,000,000

Very Best OfGermanyGold x3750,000
Very Best Of Hong KongPlatinum20,000
Very Best OfNetherlandsPlatinum100,000

Greatest Hits Vol 2GermanyPlatinum500,000
Greatest Hits Vol 2Hong KongGold10,000
Greatest Hits Vol 2 NetherlandsPlatinum100,000
Greatest Hits Vol 2 PortugalGold30,000
Greatest His Vol 2 United KingdomPlatinum300,000*
Greatest Hits Vol 2 United States of AmericaGold500,000

The SinglesAustraliaGold20,000
The SinglesGermanyGold250,000
The SinglesPortugalGold30,000
The SinglesUnited KingdomPlatinum300,000*

More GoldAustriaGold25,000
More GoldDenmarkPlatinum80,000
More GoldFinlandGold25,000
More GoldFranceGold100,000
More GoldSwedenPlatinum100,000
More GoldGermanyGold250,000
More Gold SwitzerlandGold50,000
More GoldUnited KingdomGold300,000

The Definitive CollectionAustraliaPlatinum x2140,000
The Definitive CollectionBrazilGold50,000
The Definitive CollectionUnited KingdomGold100,000

Number OnesGermanyGold100,000
Number Ones New ZealandPlatinum15,000
Number OnesRussiaPlatinum20,000
Number Ones United KingdomGold100,000

18 HitsAustraliaPlatinum x4280,000
18 HitsBelgiumPlatiinum50,000
18 HitsBrazilPlatinum125,000
18 HitsGermanyGold x3 300,000
18 HitsRussiaPlatinum x240,000
18 Hits United KingdomPlatinum300,000

The Albums (Box Set)DenmarkGold15,000
The Albums (Box Set)SwedenPlatinum40,000
The Albums (Box Set)United KingdomSilver60,000

The Essential CollectionGermanyGold100,000

Live at WembleySwedenPlatinum40,000

For Gold-Greatest Hits see this link  Gold-Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits in the UK originally certified platinum for Value. The multi platinum award was for units sold.

Additionally lots of local compilations.