ABBA Voyage studio album 

The Singles I Still Have Faith in You and Don't Shut Me Down were released on 2nd September 2021.

ABBA's 9th studio album, Voyage, was released on 5th November 2021.

Chart Positions for Singles

I Still Have Faith In YouDon'T Shut Me Down
Sweden#2 Official Chart#1 Official Chart
UK#1 Sales Chart  + #1 Physical Chart# 2 Download Chart + #2 Sales Chart
Germany#2 Download Chart#1 Download Chart
Switzerland#6 Official Chart# 1 Official Chart
Europe#2 Download Chart# 1 Download Chart


Swiss Charts; info on several countries including Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and of course Switzerland.

I Still Have Faith on You sold 70,000 in the UK

Don's Shut Me Down sold 100,000 in the UK

For period 2nd September to 10th December 2021. Here

In the UK I Still Have Faith in You was sold more physical copies than Don't Shut Me Down which in turn was more popular with downloads and streaming.

Both singles earned ABBA platinum discs in Sweden. Source

Streaming Figures (Spotify): September 2022

Don't Shut Me Down, 56,000,000

I Still Have Faith in You 36,000,000


AustraliaGOLD35,000 + (certification)
AustriaPLATINUM x230,000 + (certification)
BelgiumPLATINUM20,000 +(certification)
19,000 (8 weeks)
DenmarkPLATINUM20,000+ (certification)
FrancePLATINUM 100,000+ (certification_
GermanyPLATINUM x2400,000+ (certification) 
35, 876 (14 weeks/chart run)
The Netherlands
PolandGOLD10,000 (certification)
SwedenPLATINUM x 260,000 (certification)
United Kingdom PLATINUM300,000 (certification) 475,000 (to end June 2023)
United States
2,050,000 (for 2021) *
2,500,000 (2022) 

* World sales are shipments for physical copies and digital album sales.

Some countries have not applied  for gold or platinum discs. These include The Netherlands, Switzerland and Ireland where platinum dicsa are for 40,000, 20,000 and 15,000 sales respectively.

 🔴ALERT! Sales are down on previous albums!

 🟠CAUTION! Sales are down for everyone. They are down generally.

 🟢 GO!  Voyage reached #1 in 18 countries.  #2 in the USA. It topped the Year End Chart in several countries and 3rd best seller in the UK (2nd in Pure Sales). 2nd Best Seller globally in Pure Sales.  A huge success!

* It sold over 2,000,000 globally in 2021. Physical sales and downloads, not Streaming. Here

There record company claimed 2,500,000 in 2022. Here and here

Voyage reached Number One in:

CountryWeek 1Week 2Week 3 Week 4Week 5Wee 6 Week 7 Week 8
Belgium Flanders0101020202020303
Belgium Walloon0101030305060405
Cz Rep010103030404??
New Zealand0106100712101225
UK  Here0102030403030304
US SALES0105102421233047
US - MAIN02276497132157142OUT

I am just tracking the first 8 weeks sales of Voyage.

The Greek album chart is physical only but it is the official chart.

Number Two in

Canada Here





United States Here

UK Component Charts

Chartweek 1week 2week 3week 4week 5week 6week 7week 8

Year End Charts (2021)

#1 Austria

#1 Belgium/Flanders

#1 Germany

#1 Sweden

#1 Switzerland

#3 Belgium/Walloon

#3 Czech Republic

#2 UK (Pure Sales)

#3 UK (Sales and Streaming)

#4 Netherlands

#8 Portugal

#8 Slovakia

#9 Ireland

#10 Australia

#12 Denmark

#26 Hungary

#31 France

#43 Poland

#68 Spain

#2 WORLD (Pure Sales)

#8 WORLD (Including Streaming/Value)

The ranking for global ranking takes account of physical sales, download sales, streaming equivalent and sales and value.

Voyage was the 37th best selling album in the US during 2021 - on pure sales. On the Official Billboard Chart incorporating streaming it fails to make Year End Top 200.

Voyage sales by format

UK - 1st Week's salesUK  - 2021 salesUS - 1st week's salesFrance 1st week sales
Total Sales203,909400, 47582,00038, 598
Pure Sales199, 192387, 49478.000
Physical Sales182, 576366, 06960, 500
CD148,471321, 37342,000 30, 124
Vinyl 29,900 40, 104 17, 5000 5, 858
Cassette  4, 205   4, 592  1,000
Downloads16, 62621, 42517,500
Streaming equivalent sales4, 71712, 981  4,000

Source    Source

Pure Sales = everything except Streaming.

Voyage was best selling vinyl album in UK during 2021

Voyage was 2nd best selling in Pure Sales.

Souces: page 81

US Sales for 2021

Pure Sales 165,000

Streaming Equivalent 19,000

Sales Plus Streaming 184,000

Week By Week Sales

WeekUKWorld (estimates)
2 44,053209,000
3 29, 963155,000
4 27, 776125,000
5 25, 920115,000
6 27,792116,000
729, 507119,000
811,518  82,000
9 6, 633
10 4, 356
11 3,165

UK weekly sales figures while in TOP 10 appear in Music Week and for the first week it leaves the Top 10, which it did in week 11. Sales for 11 weeks 414, 592

First 5 weeks confirmed at 331,000 Here

Global Sales are estimates by Media Traffic. Estimated sales only for weeks it was in Global Top 10. Universal Music claimed one million sales in the first week but this is shipments not sales to customers.

English Speaking vs German Speaking countries

The UK's population is 67m. That is 13 times higher than its neighbour Ireland. But sales of Voyage are about 28 times higher. The UK has about 3 x as many people as Australia but Voyage's sales are 12 times higher in the UK. By contrast its population is about a fifth of America's but as sold more than twice as many in the UK.

Germany's population at 83m is 10x that of its neighbour Austria but sales of Voyage are 30 times greater in Germany.

Together sales in the UK and Germany account for about 50% of Voyage's global sales.