ABBA  sales in Germany

➡️ 9 Number One Singles and 8 Number One Albums

➡️ A run of six consecutive #1 singles 1975-77: SOS, Mamma Mia, Fernando, Dancing Queen, Money Money Money, Knowing Me Knowing You.

➡️ Not all plain sailing. Ten singles 1977-80 failed to make #1

➡️ Gold Greatest Hits has sold at least 2.5 million

➡️ Comeback album Voyage not only made #1 but was Germany's best selling album of 2021.

German sales

certifications - albums 


Gold Greatest HitsPLATINUM x 52,500,000
Very Best OfGOLD x 3   750,000
Very Best OfPLATINUM    500,000
Greatest Hits Vol 2PLATINUM   500,000
The Complete Singles CollectionPLATINUM    300,000
The Definitive CollectionPLATINUM   300,000
Greatest HitsGOLD   250,000
16 HitsGOLD   250,000
A Wie ABBAGOLD   250,000
The SinglesGOLD   250,000
More GOLDGOLD   250,000

Studio Albums

Arrival PLATINUM x 21,000,000
Super TrouperPLATINUM x2 1,000,000
WaterlooPLATINUM    500,000
The AlbumPLATINUM    500,000
Voulez VousPLATINUM   500,000
The VisitorsPLATINUM   500,000
VoyagePLATINUM x2    400,000


total 10,100,000 


Certification levels based on date of release


 ABBA Gold is one of the biggest selling albums ever in Germany!

NB Certifications based on year of release, so for example until 1999 Platinum was 500,000 and Gold 250,000. Those certifications have subsequently been downgraded. 

Sales higher than 10 million as several albums eg ABBA studio albums and numerous compilations would have sold but not enough for individual certifications. The certificated sales are in most cases minimum sales. Real sales probably 12-13 million.


German singles:

Only Fernando received a certification for gold for sales of  500,000 sales.  There are claims that SOS sold 500,000 and also Mamma Mia sold 300,000.